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24-Hour Premium AI Access
  • Characters for conversion 250,000
  • Valid for 24 hours (non-recurring)
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/ Month
1-Month Premium AI Access
  • Characters for conversion 250,000
  • Valid for 1 month (recurring)

FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding your purchase

Absolutely! You are free to cancel your monthly or yearly subscription at any time that suits you. If you decide to cancel, you can easily do so by either contacting our customer support via email (see below this FAQ) or by handling the cancellation yourself on the FastSpring website (payment provider).
Yes, indeed! When you cancel your monthly or yearly subscription, you maintain full access to the service for the duration of the time you have already paid for. This means that even after you cancel, you can continue to use the service until the current billing cycle ends.
In the event that a text-to-speech conversion does not complete due to an error, no characters will be deducted from your balance. We value fairness, so your character count is only reduced when a conversion is successful. If you encounter a failed conversion, simply try again or reach out to our support team for assistance, and rest assured that your character quota will remain intact.
Not at all! Once you have successfully converted text to speech, you can replay the audio as many times as you like without any additional charges or deductions from your character quota. This feature allows you to review and listen to the speech output at your convenience, ensuring that every character you purchase goes a long way. Enjoy unlimited replays of your conversions at no extra cost.
The available payment methods for your subscription plan are determined by our payment provider, FastSpring, which supports a variety of payment options that may vary depending on your country. Generally, these may include major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and other local payment methods. To view the specific payment options available to you, please proceed to the checkout page where you can select your country and see the corresponding methods. Should you need further assistance with payment or have any questions about the process, feel free to contact our support team, and we'll be glad to help.
Absolutely! The audio files generated by our text-to-speech service can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
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